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DATA CIRCUITS is a printed circuit board manufacturer that specializes in quick turn, high density, multi-layer prototype PCB's. They are based in Markham, Ontario.  

ISSI provides long term support of memory products, including SRAM, Asychronous, Synchronous, DRAM, Fast Page Mode, EDO, SDRAM; SDR, DDR, EEPROM, and Automotive Memory Products. 

RF, Microwave & Millimeter Wave Devices. Components and Subsystems, Antennas, Passives, Amplifiers, Switches, Attenuators, VCOS/SYNTHS, Mixers, SAAS/SI Wafers, Assemblies, Foundry Services, Connectors, Interconnect Products.

Macronix has the broadest offering of Serial Flash in densities ranging from 512Kbits to 128Mbits.  Flash products are also available in packages with a tiny footprint and very small height for space-constrained applications.

Touch panels, Flexible PCB's, Membrane switches, Rubber Keypads.

Automation AB designs and builds SMT placement machines and stencil-free printers for the electronics industry.  Initially used for low-volume/high-mix jobs - such as prototyping - MYDATA placement solutions are now being adopted by high-volume, high-mix producers.  Today, many of the world's largest subcontractors use MYDATA machines for their flexible production requirements.

NorthBridge offers an immediate expertise in all phases of the design cycle.  Seamlessly delivering an unparalleled product, with the highest attention to detail while maintaining a focus on maximizing customers return on investment. NorthBridge provides FPGA, ASIC prototyping using FPGA, turnkey system, reference board and board design along with intellectual property, firmware and software development.

SYMETRICOM World's leading supplier of network synchronization and timing solutions for existing and next generation networks.  Product families include: Telecom Timing - Test and Measurement, Global Services.

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